The Chinese designer Shu Chun Hsiao has designed a USB key, the Memory Weights, with a surprising hull, as it is made of cement. The appearance is quite simple and you could even compare the USB key to a brick. I have to confess that I am not really a fan of this particular design, moreover it seems quite big and rough. But that’s not all, besides being a little big, the other peculiarity of the USB key is that it weighs exactly its capacity… What? For example, the Memory Weight of 128MB weighs 128Gr. I understand why our Chinese designer stopped at 256MB. Imagine the 32GB version, an USB key in your pocket which weighs 32Kg! Are there masons who would be interested in? 😉

<a href=””>ChiniTech</a> – source <a onclick=”‘’,”,”);return false;” href=””>yanko design</a>

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