Because of internet, internal communication is evolving every day, and webcam has become an peripheral in all product configurations that can access to internet.

The Chinese manufacturer FCE (Famatech) has launched a webcam with a particular design, indeed the webcam looks like an egg that is why it is called Egg Cam. Its smooth lines show the elliptical shape of the webcam. In addition, the glossy paint and chrome make the device attractive and trendy. The head of the webcam rises from the base like a flying saucer with a telescopic pole, besides it can rotate vertically. The webcam is available in several colors: blue angel, deep red and black jazz, so it could therefore match all tastes.

From the device specifications, the Egg cam integrates a microphone with noise reduction and a high-speed CMOS sensor that can shoot up to 150fps. The camera is powered by the USB2.0 plug. It is already available since March for $30.

ChiniTech – Source pconline

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