With the exponential growth of viruses, spyware, malware and other small bugs that crew up our digital life. Connect an external storage device isn’t safe anymore. We meet more often viruses spreading through USB keys or external hard drives. For large consumers of this type of storage, Wu Jiang, a Chinese designer invented the USB Protector.

The USB Protector is a USB hub which can allow two USB devices. The design is bright, clean and sober. His design in cross recalls the cross symbolizing the medical aid. Its peculiarity is that when a drive is connected to the USB Protector external media, it automatically scans and cleans your USB key or external hard drive. A task (very difficult) which was previously done manually. Note that some antivirus also automatically detects and scans a device when connected.

On a picture it says it can serve as a decorative accessory. Ok it is design, but they shouldn’t go too far either.

ChiniTech – source patent-cn

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