On the occasion of the first International Design Competition, the Chinese designer Han Jing presented its concept which was a awarded by a Gold Medal. It is a kind of modular electric vehicle with 3 wheels. The Mooovie has two modes, a vertical mode with a sit driving or a horizontal mode (motorcycle) with a driving lay. The vertical mode will be rather used in tight spaces and function motorcycle in larger places. The Mooovie can also be controlled remotely.

This model reminds me of the Toyota concept car that I saw at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai two weeks ago. It was presented in the Japanese Pavilion, and it really works. Similarly, it had two driving modes, lying or sitting and I guess it was also powered by an electric engine. The concept car of Toyota was very design it was intended for the elderly. However, I could not take a picture of the sitting version (due to a small camera problemL).

But these two concepts are quite successful and give us a good foretaste of future vehicles.


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