Gonglue Jiang, the Chinese student who had won a design award in Hanover with his Infinite USB, has unveiled its new project. He now tackles the carefree consumer of chewing gum. By inventing a new box of chewing gum that integrates a sticky paper tape and a location under the box that serves as garbage bin. How does it work? Take the chewing gum from your mouth, stick it on a piece of tape, wrap the chewing gum with the same sheet of tape and then put it in the compartment located beneath the box.

According to the Guinness Book of Records 2007, France is the country that consumes more than chewing gum per capita. Consequently, there are countless sidewalks or school tables soiled with this piece of gum. Indeed, after having been chewed it loses its chemical taste, and then comes the innate act of throwing or spitting it. Then the crowd step on it endlessly, it becomes almost impossible to clean it. Some countries like Hong Kong or Singapore severely fine this kind of behavior.

Simple, effective, economical and environmentally friendly, no doubt that this concept will meet with success, but the hardest part is to change our habits and I still prefer the approach of a large fine like in Singapore, much faster, radical and unfortunately effective.

Boite chewing-gum ecologique

ChiniTech – Source evolife

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