SOMIC the Chinese sound specialist announced some time ago that its R&D was working on a 5.1 headset. Their words have been confirmed with the arrival of leaked images. SOMIC worked has a true 5.1 headphones, the SOMIC E95. Unlike the headphone supposedly 5.1 composed only of two speakers where the sound is processed to give the impression of having a sound on 6 channels. For purists, this process is not really satisfying.

According to SOMIC, each lobe is composed of six speakers to reproduce the 5.1 sound. New diaphragms have been developed with a THD of 0.02%. The new architecture and the particular placement of the diaphragms would optimize the angle of projection. This would give a sound precisely located, spacious and deep.

The SOMIC E95 is a great breakthrough for SOMIC, Chinese gamers are going to enjoy it. I just hope that the price won’t be too expensive. I keep you posted!

ChiniTech – source Zol

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