The famous Chinese manufacturer of MP4 player known for his sulphurous products posters, has put not one but two feet in the world of e-book readers. Indeed the difference between MP4 player and eBook reader has been increasingly erased as one offered the same features as the other and vice versa. Thus today two new Cube eReaders enters the Chinese market.

The Cube G20 has a 4.8 inch touch screen, while the Cube G10 one measures 7-inch. They possess the same specifications, namely reading TXT files, PDF, HTML, CHM, EPUB, UMD PDB with Text to Speach function available. They are equipped with a Cirrus processor, powerful enough to open a PDF file of 300 MB in less than 6 seconds and play videos full HD 1080p. It also includes video games, a photo viewer, electronic dictionary, etc. …

The Cube G20 is priced at about 60 dollars and 105 dollars for the Cube G10.

ChiniTech – Source imp3

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