The leading manufacturer of Chinese electronic book reader, Hanvon, is presenting its marketing campaign for the e-reader Hanvon T61.This player is different from other E-reader of the manufacturer, since it features two screens one above the other on the same device and runs Android. The first screen is used to read ebooks, it measures 6 inches and displays a resolution of 800×600. It is equipped with technology E-ink black and white for reading e-books. The other part is intended for multimedia functions and Internet surfing. This screen measures 3.5 inches displaying 320×480 pixels. The Hanvon T61 has 256MB of RAM, 2GB of internal memory and a WiFi module.

For the more perceptive, you may have noticed that this reader is a rebanded e-reader of Spring Design Alex’s product. Seriously, this player is displayed at a price of 530 Dollars!?Very very expensive … We hoped that this price includes at least one dinner with the lady.

ChiniTech – source zol

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