Shortly after the launch of its first electronic book reader, the GM2000, Gemei unveils his little brother, the GM5000.

The Gemei GM5000 is compact because its touch screen is only 4.3 inch large. It displays 16 million of colors, eight levels of brightness, and a mode that mimics the magazine paper render. It is able to read different ebook file, such as TXT, HTM / HTML, CHM, PDB, UMD and PDF with Text to Speach function.

The GM5000 is also able to play 1080p videos like the best MP4 players on the market. The chinese manufacturer announces about 10 hours of battery life in ebook reader mode, and 5 hours in video mode.

The price of this new eBook reader Gemei GM5000 is about 45 euros (60$) for the 4GB version.

ChiniTech – Source zol

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