Hanvon (Hanwang), the Chinese number one specialist of eBooks readers, has just unveil its first 3G compatible model.

The Hanvon T500’s screen measures 5 inches , it has a E-Ink technology touchscreen which displays eight levels of gray for a resolution of 800×600. Even including a lithium polymer battery 1400mAh, it is still light since its weigh is contained under 300g. In addition to being lightweight, it is also very thin and the grip and ergonomics of the device is very good with the navigation buttons located near the screen. Hanvon has integrated a physical keyboard for the most reluctant to everything touch sensitive and there is an electromagnetic pen that fits in the shell of the reader.

The eReader runs on WinCE , it comes with a 4GB TF memory card (expandable to 32GB). It also incorporates the essential jack 3.5 mm audio output and microphone input, and also two speakers and a USB plug. Each player will be provided with a SIM card, a password and a login to connect to the 3G network (TD-SCDMA/GSM/GPRS/EDGE). As most eReaders, it supports a lot of text, audio and picture file format such as MES, TXT, HTXT, HTML, PDF, DOC, JPG, BMP, TIF, GIFMP3, WAV and WMA, allowing the T500 to be a versatile player.

Hanvon has not yet reported on the price or the date of commercialization of its new eBook reader T500.

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