JXD Chinese brand that specializes in video game consoles and portable MP4 players, has unveiled its first electronic book reader.

The JXD A21 measures 170x106x12 mm and has a 6-inch color touch screen with a resolutions of 800×480. It has the same functions of a MP4 player and has the ability to play full HD 1080p videos with HDMI output. Regarding the eReader part, it is compatible wth TXT, PDB, PDF, HTM, HTML, CHM, UMD, EPUB files with Text to Speach function and search directly any words in dictionary. It has a USB OTG and 4, 8 or 16GB of internal memory. JXD preinstalled over 5,000 books in his reader, unfortunately most of it in Chinese.

The JXD A21 will be available soon in China for around 115 euros.

ChiniTech – Source yesky

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