The Chinese manufacturer of e-Reader MReader 易 万卷 just introduced its new e-Reader the MReader S6-W3. We can notice that compared to the other e-Reader the size of this e-Reader is smaller. Indeed, it has no keyboard. Thus, it measures 178*128.4*9.9mm. It has a 6-inch screen using E-Ink technology to mimic the ink paper while optimizing the use of the battery. It can display up to 16 levels of gray. The keys on the S6-W3 are arranged on the right of the screen (Smart keys). The positioning of the buttons is well done as it is will simply move your thumb to press the buttons.

The MReader S6-W3 supports the following file formats PDF, CHM, EPUB, TXT, HTM, HTML, RTF, PDB, DJVU, DJV, IW4, IW44, FB2, PRC, MOBI, TCR. Moreover, it can turn into a MP3 player because it supports MP3 format and has a jack output.

You can transfer your files via USB or use SD Cards. The price and release date have not yet been disclosed.

Stay stuned because MReader has announced the arrival of their T serie reader, T for Touch Screen. So Wait and See…

ChiniTech – source iT

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