The e-book readers are in vogue at the moment and the flow of novelty does not dry up. Recently the Chinese manufacturer had presented his Mreader S6-3W, a compact and effective eBook reader. Here is now its big brother the Mreader S6-5w.

Mreader is not a supporter of touch screen. To remedy to the lack of this feature, Mreader has replaced the touchsreen by adding shortcut keys near the screen and called it Smart Key. So you can say goodbye to ugly fingerprints on the screen. The new S6-5W adopts a 6 inch LCD screen (800 × 600) with E-ink technology that can display 16 gray levels and viewing angles of 180 °. The reader is particularly thin and light since it measures 185 × 122×9, 5mm and weighs 222g. Its 1600mAh battery has a range of 12,000 pages view which should be enough for about two weeks of readings. It runs on Linux OS and is powered by a 400MHz Samsung ARM9 processor. It comes with a 4GB micro SD card, in addition to the 64mb internal memory. You can download eBooks directly from website through its WiFi connection, or transfer them from your computer via the mini USB. In addition to reading text and photo files (TXT, PDF, HTML, CHM, EPUB, HTM, RTF, PDB, JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG) it is also capable of playing MP3 audio files. The bundle includes headphones, a carrying pouch, a power supply and a USB cable.

The Mreader S6-5W is already available in China in the following colors, purple, gray or black metal. His current in-store price is around $300

ChiniTech – Source pconline


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