Newsmy The Chinese manufacturer has just unveiled a new ebook reader. The Newsmy E6202 has a main argument, its impressive good value for money. Indeed, it will be available by May 15th at a price tag below $150.

The Newsmy E6202 presents a simple design with a qwerty keyboard, and shortcut keys for fast navigation. Its E-ink screen mesures 6 inches for a resolution of 800×600. E-ink technology imitates paper ink, thanks to 8 intensities of gray. It has an internal storage of 2GB and even if it is only 8mm thick, it features a USB 2.0 port, a headphone and microphone and a loudspeaker. This ebook reader also includes a function called “Text to Speach” that reads English, Chinese and Japanese texts for you. It can also read image files and replace a voice recorder or mp3 player. The 2000mAh battery allows you to play with the eReader for 30 hours.

A simple and effecient device that lacks of WiFi, 3G or touch screen which would have increase the price.

ChiniTech – Source tech.qq

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