The Chinese manufacturer Newsmy has just unveiled its second electronic book reader, which like the first one (Newsmy E6202) boats an unbeatable price of 999 yuan ($145). The Newsmy E6206 has a stylish and slim design (6mm), with rounded edges and lacquered black parts on the buttons or the outline of the screen, contrasting with its beautiful matt black body.

This ebook reader includes E-Ink screen technology measuring 6-inch with a resolution of 800×480. E-Ink technology allows large view angles up to 180 degrees, providing perfect readability in all circumstances with constant gray levels while consuming very little energy.

The eReader has a 3.5mm headphone output, a USB 2.0, an integrated speakerphone and 2 GB of internal memory. It can read text files such as ?TXT, PDF, PDB, EPUB, HTML, FB2, photos such as JPEG, BMP, music files MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, AA and included an electronic english?dictionary, a microphone, a FM radio and a text-to-speach function.

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Newsmy announced that his ebook reader has a battery life of 12,000 page views or 30 hours of MP3 playback. It is already available in China for a price of around $145.
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