Runcore is a Chinese memory manufacturer, has just unveiled a new SSD hard drive. Besides its golden ornaments, the Kylin II is a professional or business hard drive since it uses a SAS connection. Runcore is well known in the military sector where it produces its NAND meomory and SSD for the army for ten years.

The Runcore Kylin II is of course available in classical SATA connection and comes up with two version, 2.5 and 3.5-inch. It is available in several capacities, from 50GB to 400GB with the choice of SLC or MLC NAND. All models is equipped with a Sandforce memory controller and 64mb of cache. The Chinese manufacturer announces a lifetime of 1 million hours, and an average reading speed of 270mo / s and 260MB / s writing speed. It is capable of 30,000 read / write operations per second with 4Ko files.

The Runcore Kylin II is guaranteed for 3 years. The price of the SATA version starts at $2200, so you understand why he proudly displays a shell that looks remarkably like 24 carat gold.

ChiniTech – Source yesky

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