Our national mice Chinese manufacturer Rapoo (presented earlier for its involvement in the 2010 World Cup) has unveiled its new line of mice, the range T. And the first mouse inaugurating this new range is the mouse Rapoo T1. Available in white or black, it is sober and design, its look is somewhat futuristic with a rectangular shape rather unusual for a mouse.

Its uniqueness is that the Rapoo T1 is a wireless tactile multi touch mouse, and it will certainly remember you the Magic Mouse from Apple. But unlike the latter Rapoo T1 has a 1000 DPI laser sensor against 800 DPI for the Magic Mouse and the T1 uses the traditional wireless connection while the Apple mouse uses Bluetooth.

There is still little info on this mouse, but it should perform simple functions as being able to scroll by dragging your finger or zoom in and zoom out easily. Another function is expected, to use the surface of T1 Rapoo as a touchpad for navigating or write Chinese characters.

Its price is still unknown but it should be available soon. One thing is for sure, I know what my next mouse will be!

ChiniTech – source Tech.Sina

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