This post announces the entry of a product line not yet approached on ChiniTech, mice and keyboards. Indeed, there are numerous brands on the Chinese market and many have in fact nothing to envy to famous brands such as Microsoft, Logitech, Razer … What are the strength of the Chinese devices? You have already guessed, there are price, but also the quality and the design!

Rapoo (雷柏), the famous mouse and keyboards brand in China, the Chinese “Logitech” somehow just launched a football World Cup event under the slogan “World Cup Passion, Rapoo brings you to Africa South” (“激情世界杯, 雷柏带去你去南非”). In fact, for its third anniversary this year and to celebrate its 16 million users around the world, Rapoo has decided to please their customers and to offer 10 trips to visit South Africa.


The goal is simple, when you buy a Rapoo product, a card is inside. You simply scrape the shaded part and then register to where a lottery will be held later in order to designate the winners. Beyond the trips to Africa, features 100 Rapoo wireless headphones H8000, 300 gamer keyboards V6, 600 keyboard and mouse 1800 packages and 5000 mice.


Hurry as the operation lasts from May 1 to June 30, 2010. We can applaud Rapoo for his involvement to the Football World Cup, a sport that become more and more popular in China. But I expected tickets to see the matches …

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