Here surely the Rolls Royce of Chinese MP4 players, since the new Aigo DPF882D is a leading mp4 player to display 720p videos without degradation due to interpolation. In fact its matte screen 8-inch displays a HD resolution of 1280×768 pixels ! Furthermore, if the size of the screen seems too small to appreciate the finer details, it features? a 1080i HDMI output to connect it to your LCD TV.

The Aigo DPF882D has 4GB or 8GB of internal memory expandable via SD card 32GB. With a thickness of only 14mm, it has a good five hours of battery life with its 2800mAh battery. It can also serve as a digital photo frame with its integrated foot and can be controlled remotely via a remote control.

It will soon be available in China for a price of around 115 euros or 150$.

Chinitech – Source tech163

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