Today the trend is to produce MP4 HD, in recent months many MP4 HD has emerged. With this constant rise, the competition is growing and to attract customers, prices are more and more attractive.

And it is the Chinese manufacturer ICOO who led the dance with two MP4 Players HD ICOO E100P and E300P decoding 1280p videos proposed at 45 Dollars. As 45 Dollars seems still not low enough for ICOO, he decided to launch a 1080p HD MP4 player for only 30 Dollars! This is the MP4 player ICOO E200.

Little information has filtered ICOO has only unveiled a single photo and the size of the screen which is 3 inches. According to the image, the ICOO E200 keeps the traditional design of ICOO, that is to say a simple player, sober and looks robust. The player does not seem to have HDMI output. But like many Chinese MP4 players, we can expect the support of audio files such as MP3, support for image files and TXT files.

ICOO was very mysterious about the specifications, so we will keep you inform of next updates of the ICOO E200.

ICOO, now we all expect the HD MP4 player at 15 Dollars!

ChiniTech – source Zol

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