The New Year is a prosperous period and ICOO chooses this time to release their new 1080p PMP, the R8. At this time, the ICOO R8 begins to invade Chinese stores. The external aspect keeps the design of the brand, that is to say thin borders around the screen which give us an impression of fluidity. Besides, the cover is made with a magnesium alloy allowing the combination of lightness and solidity. From the display side, the R8 is equipped with a 4.3 inches touch screen, which would be, according to the manufacturer, comparable to the iPhone (speaking of reactivity).
The ICOO R8 is able to read full HD videos and to decode multiple file formats such as MKV, RM, H.264… The player can be connected to the TV through the TV-OUT output and it includes an infrared remote control to control it from your couch!
At last, R8 integrates an ebook reader and an important video games assortment.


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