Few are the Chinese MP3/MP4 player manufacturers who really care about the acoustic of their players. In order to satisfy demanding people about this point, Teclast released a MP4 player for audiophile, the Teclast T51. It comes with a Rockchip processor the RK2806 to decode HD video, 2 converters Wolfson WM8740 one for each stereo output, one chip TI Op Amp OPA2604 for audio output and at last one amplifier Philips UDA1308 for headphone. In all, it gathers five cores in one product! Teclast didn’t go in for half-measures because they are components used by high brand like Marantz or Denon.

Teclast T51

The Teclast adopts a 3.5 inches touch screen with a resolution of 320×420 pixels. Thanks to the touch screen, the interface is ergonomic and fluid.
To stay in their way of a high acoustic MP4, Teclast didn’t include, a microphone, speaker, FM… The Wolfson converters insure a sound without distortions up to 120db and for each channel! And it naturally decodes Lowless FLAC codec, APE and read CUE data files.
Like every good MP4 player, the T51 is capable of reading basic 720p HD codecs (RMVB, H.264, MKV…).
Of course, Teclast didn’t forget to enhance their T51 with their famous (photoshoped) models!

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