A MP3 player which represent Miffy (米菲 兔, mid fei you) has just been released in China. Miffy is a cartoon, created by the designer Dick Bruna from the Netherlands, which has a great success in China. In terms of design, I think this mp3 player is very successful. It is very cute, pure and simple. It is available in several colors thanks to its replaceable silicone jacket. It comes with a dock equipped with a loudspeaker and a necklace to hang it around the neck. It measures 32x32x66mm for 24g.

This adorable Miffy MP3 player includes a Sigmatel chip, the sound level reaches 95dB and it has 5 equalizer modes. Moreover, it can last about 4 hours.

However, this MP3 player turns out to be a bit expensive, count 48 Dollars for the basic version 2GB and 78 Dollars for the full version 2GB (dock + clothes + player).

ChiniTech – source Zol

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