The top 3 mobile web browser in China in 2014

In 2014, over 900 million people had a phone in China. Let us return to the 3 best browsers to mobile phones in 2014 (Statista).

Here we have a triumvirat controling the market

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QQ Browser

QQ Browser has 40.6 % browser market share for mobile phones. It has over 300 million users. It was developed by Tencent, a Chinese technology company that also has social networks QQ and WeChat , both very popular in China . It uses Java technology and works with navigation tabs.

QQ browser

UC Browser

It has 35.2% market share . It was developed by UC Mobile LTD 204. It is available on plateformesiOS , Android, Windows Phone , Symbian, Java ME and BlackBerry. In March 2014, UC Browser reached 500 million users. It allows you to search on Google , Yahoo !, Bing and Ask. It can open multiple pages on multiple tabs , facilitating navigation.

Tencent browser

Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser has 22.9% market share . It was developed by Baidu, leading company in the Chinese internet , especially through its search engine Baidu. It is based on the platform of Chrome, which makes it fast, light and customizable. It has its own client integrated torrent , a media download tool for recording video and audio.

Baidu Browser

Webbrowser for children , and Tencent are still the top three suppliers in browsers on the market for children. It is estimated that the browser market for children ‘s play has great potential as the number of users increases dramatically and Internet gambling habits develop .


Unlike many markets in China it seems that the browser market for mobile phones is an oligarchy composed of 3 great actors, not a monopoly as often . Who will win will certainly depend on alliances between different groups. in this market. It is also reasonable to ask if this is a market where real competition between Baidu and Tencent given the strategic partnership made ​​between the two giants of the net to counter the almighty Alibaba does not seem to be here .

With the rise of M- mobile mobile browser market will become increasingly important in China.

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