Which is equal to 125 days or 3000 hours of Stand-by time for the new Chinese mobile manufacturer Newsmy.

How to get the endurance of a camel? The Newsmy D4000 comes with a battery as its name indicates that has a capacity of 4000mAh. To give you an idea, this is equivalent to the capacity of a laptop battery. What about the size of a battery of such a capacity ? Newsmy engineer told us they’ve used a new polymer which is even more efficient with a smaller size. For those who are still afraid to be short of stamina, Newsmy offer with the 4000mAh battery, a second battery with 1500mAh capacity!

Like any phone today, it can act as MP4 player for videos and MP3 player for music. It incorporates a camera and two stereo loudspeakers. It has a voice recorder and instant messaging software preinstalled, QQ and MSN.

Who will need this phone? In my opinion only poeple who always want to have the biggest stuff, will need it!


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