Jack Wong, Meizu’s CEO, continues to share information about its future smartphone Meizu M9. It’s own way of keeping us in suspense, is to communicate with users directly through the official forum of the brand. In his last statement, he said that Android 2.1 has been chosen to be the future OS smartphone. In addition he announced that the M9 will have 3 types of keyboard, surely virtual, touchscreen, and maybe a keyboard with keys? With the addition of 2 tactile buttons “previous” and “menu”.

He announced that Android 2.1 interface has been totally redesigned, the new smartphone will be both compatible with applications from Android Market as well as Mstore. He also indicates that the new interface will not disappoint the current user of the M8, improving its aesthetics and ergonomics of use.

He also announced a new firmware for the M8 with the current addition of these 2 keys on the Meizu M8 and maybe the support of Android 2.1, this will be a beta test for the future M9.

He just continues to tease us, but the main question for us is to know when will it be sold?

ChiniTech – Source bbs.meizu

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