For its high-end smartphone, Coolpad has not skimped on the design and specifications. Indeed, the creation of this smartphone required 200 engineers effort during six-month and an investment of around 10million euros.

The Coolpad N930 body is made of titanium, a pledge of strength and lightness. The buttons are made of ceramics. On the hardware side, he will get a 1Ghz processor and its capacitive touch screen of 3.5 inches comes from Sharp. It displays a resolution of 800×480 and is equipped with ASV technology that promises better viewing angle and contrast . It features Android 2.1 and then 2.2 after an update, it will also adopt an in-house overlay and get 32gb of internal memory.

Let’s wait for futhermore information, but this phone looks promising.

ChiniTech – Source sooyuu

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