When I saw the first pictures of this phone, I thought that the device was invented or developed by Chinese counterfeiters. So understand my astonishment when I learned that the brand HANMAC was French! This brand is said to be French but is unknown in France, isn’t it suspicious?

So, the French brand has officially presented in China his first luxury smartphone for the Chinese bourgeoisie. This smartphone is very bling bling, it has a metal shell with striking line and visible screws. The design seems to come from the watch industry, and Hanmac announces that customers can choose the material of the phone keys.

Technically, this Quad Band smartphone has a 3-inch Sharp screen with a resolution of 240 × 400. It includes a wireless module, GPS, a 3 megapixel camera and a Yamaha speakerphone. The phone is
surrounded by rubber to protect it. It has high quality property with anti-allergic and anti-corrosion from the pharmaceutical group Bayer.

The interface Hanmac looks like the Meizu M8 one. Indeed it is the same Chinese company EICO that designed their interface. Fortunately Hanmac has added some very useful functions to satisfy the ego of their wealthy customers, as they can boast about its built-in compass, thermometer, altimeter and hygrometer.

The phone already has a limited edition celebrating the 51st anniversary of Michael Jackson. It measures 13x6x2.35 cm, weighs 276 grams and costs about $3000.

ChiniTech – Source cn.engadget

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