Awaited by all fans of car, the Porsche Spyder 918, the first hybrid supercar and one of the most expensive cars from Porsche has yet been presented only as a concept car … except in China where it already exists!?The resemblance is almost perfect and the aerodynamics is breathtaking, the Porsche Spyder 918 contains under the hood a 2 inch screen with a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels (Wah!), a Camera, the Bluetooth and?especially QQ. When you get bored driving your car to perfect the design you can always pull the antenna of the FM receiver.

The Chinese Porsche 918 Spyder do not cost 500,000 euros, but 60 euros. At that price, it will out of stock for sure. It is a product for collector… but car or phone?

ChiniTech – source m8cool

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