Continuing our series of uncommon phone, the latest being the Land Rover phone and the Astro Boy phone, with the Hello Kitty phone codenamed C168. This phone is destined to all the girls (or boys…) fan of the little kitten “Made in Japan”, Hello Kitty. The resemblance is almost perfect, but behind this super kawaii (cute) Hello Kitty phone hides a real phone packed with a lot of features. Indeed, this Hello Kitty phone will allow you to decode MP3, 3GP, MP4, AVI, TXT, JPG and GIF files and displays them on its 1.5-inch screen with 26,000 colors. It has a built-in speaker, Bluetooth and an FM receiver. Its battery allows you to stay three hours in communication and about 1 week on standby. It is already available (in China of course) for about 88 Dollars.

ChiniTech – source m8cool

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