A new smartphone has been unveiled before the Shanghai Unisersal Exposition. Although this device looks like Palm Pre, a group of Chinese industrial has gathered to create the fastest and most powerful ever produced smartphone. To meet this challenge, QderoPateo Ouidoo, has F1 alike specifications. Firstly, it has its own operating system developed internally called OUIDOO OS, then the manufacturer announced a new 26 cores processor !? capable of delivering eight gigaflops of calcul (or the power of 4 iPad)!

Here’s the rest of the amazing specifications:

* 512MB RAM
* 4 GB ROM
* 28Go memory
* Expandable micro SD 32GB max
* Standby time 220h
* New 26 cores CPU (8-gigaflop)!
* Bluetooth 2.0
* Wi-Fi
* GPS Navigation with 3D augmented reality!
* G-sensor
* Digital Compass
* 5 megapixel Webcam
* Screen: 3.5 inch 800 × 480 resolution
* Mini HDMI 1080p output
* Operating System: Ouidoo OS

The Ouidoo phone is announced for the month of July with a price of $400-$500 at China Mobile with the support of 3G. It even announces the support of 4G in 2011.

If this smartphone can prove actual specifications, this will be the beginning of the technological superiority of the Chinese in the area of mobile devices. Let’s wait till July 2010 to be clear in our mind about it.

ChiniTech – Source tech.sina

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