At a time when all eyes are on the new smartphone from Meizu, the Meizu M9, a video showing iOS running on Meizu M8 appeared on the official forum of the Chinese brand. The author of the post says that he successfully installed Apple’s operating system on the famous Chinese smartphone Meizu M8, supporting video. Let’s be frank, there was a time when the iOS was envied by all, usability, design, extensive library of applications … but today it is more it’s not the case anymore. The arrival of a green robot, named Android, came to shove Apple. Moreover, according to recent statistics from IDC and ComScore, Android would be ahead of iOS in Europe and the United States in terms of market share. Well, the M8 was not using Android, but a superb Windows CE, so it’s justified … On the other hand, the Meizu M9 really features Android OS! So Fake or not Fake?


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