Update : The Yosion Apple Peel 520 will be available from 20th september. Yosion annonced that the final version has corrected all the bugs. The now adopts a hard body shell with a matte finish and a grip. The iPod 4 touch is not supported since it hasn’t been Jailbreaked yet. Via micgadget

It was your dream, and the Chinese manufacturer Yosion did it. Now, all owners of iPod Touch 1, 2 or 3, can make call with it thanks to a bumper special rubber a case.

Indeed Yosion has managed to incorporate a loudspeaker, a battery of 800mAh, a vibrator, one SIM card slot, an antenna, but also an electronic part that transform your iPod Touch into an iPhone, and all this for a thickness of 12.5 mm.

After wearing the cover, you will have to install the manufacturer special software to take advantage of new GSM and SMS features. However, GPRS and communications via Bluetooth devices will be functional after a firmare update. The manufacturer announces approximately an battery range of 120 hours in standby and 4-5 hours in communication.

The Apple Skin Yosion 520 will be soon available in China for 60$ with a 1 year warranty. Pconline journalists got an preview sample, they still find many small defaults most of them concerning the ergonomics and can be resolved via future firmware updates.

ChiniTech – Source pconline

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