In this world where we only talk about Smartphone, Android, 3G and multi-touch … etc. In short, new technologies that are not really within the reach of our grandparents. The Chinese manufacturer ZTE, still very little known in France has decided to release a mobile phone for the elderly.

The phone is fairly large for a good grip. In addition, it has wide touches with LARGE numbers written to be clearly visible. The ring and the earpiece of the phone are Extremely powerful. It also incorporates a GPS and an SOS button in case grandparents would be in danger. When you press the SOS button, the phone emits a loud alarm and sends an alert message to 5 pre-stored numbers.

It also has a Bluetooth module, a mini LED lamp and a FM radio. This way grandpa will listen to his favorite station.

This phone for over 65 years old poeple is available in Hong Kong for a price of $70.


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