ZTE U900 and Huawei Ophone are the latest novelties of the two giant telecommunication company for the Chinese market. Both are based on the operating?system OMS 2.0 of China Mobile which is based on Android 2.1. Both smartphone also offers an interface overlay called Ophone.

As competitor, he announced almost smilaire specifications, featuring 3G, WiFi, WAPI, embedded CMMB mobile TV, Bluetooth 2.0?modules .

The Huawei has?a main 5MP camera for photo and a 0.3 MP camera in the front for video conferencing. The Huawei Ophone should cost about 220 euros.

The ZTE has a 3.5 inch screen against 3.6 inch 800×480 for Huawei. It embeds a GPS chip, and RFID chip, plus a G-Sensor. It is compatible Java 4.1 and will be available in November.

ChiniTech – Source cnengadget and here

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