The Chinese manufacturer RoyQueen is specialized in portable audio products. It has just launched its new portable speaker X series, the RoyQueen Xport X3.

This new model has a design that looks strangely like a mouse. It is very compact and fits comfortably in one hand. Despite this small size, it incorporates a TF card reader and plays MP3 files. In addition it has a 3.5mm AUX jack for example you can use it like an external speaker for a laptop or MP4 player. It also has a headphone output, and even an FM radio with automatic tuning. It is at the same time a full mp3 player and an audio source. To recharge it you can use the Lithium battery, the USB plug or the adapter. Its 4W speaker delivers a powerful sound, but because of its compact size, low frequencies are erased.

It comes with transport accessories and is available in several colors: white, black, blue, orange, red and pink. It measures 120×35x66mm and weighs 130g. But the success of the Royqueen Xport X3 is due to its price which is under $15. Crazely cheap isn’t it !

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