Aigo seems to be renewing its range of MID Tablet PC, which are a little old. After launching the E500 MID, then announcing the super N700 Tablet PC, here is his latest product, the “7007” as its name isn’t yet finalized.

The Aigo MID 7007, has a different design compared to the first two models. It uses a white plastic shell, with two stereo speakers and a webcam built-in on the front. On both sides of the screen, we find a trackball and a multitude of hot keys. The touchscreen of the MID 7007 is mate, and from the pictures, it seems to display a resolution of 800 × 600. Inside, we find a Rockchip platform with the famous processor RK2808. The MID is able to read HD video up to 720p. Aigo will adopt Android as the operating system, with wireless, GPS and 3G (optional) module.

At the present time, no further information on this new product which seems to still be in testing phase. So let’s wait for the real thing.

ChiniTech – Source cn.engadget

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