The Chinese manufacturer Aigo does not seem to slow its pace of innovation. Here is today a new MID, called Walkshow NX7001. This new model has the particularity to look like a smartphone and runs Maemo Linux. This device has a 3G and WiFi module to access to internet, and also a GPS and Bluetooth module. It will fit perfectly in a pocket thanks its compact size, 146*75*18mm.

The Aigo Walkshow NX7001 operating system is known as Nokia Maemo Linux. So it is able to perform the same tasks as a desktop PC. And you can download thousands of applications and video games. As an Internet terminal, the Walkshow NX7001 integrates a Webkit browser that supports Java and Flash. You can watch streaming videos and play flash games online. Its resistive 16:9 4.3-inch touch screen displays a resolution of 800 × 480, which provides sharp images. It has two cameras, one at the rear with 2 megapixel to take film and photos and the other at the front with 300,000 pixels for video conferencing. On Hardware side, there is a Marvell PXA310 806MHz processor with 128MB DDR and NAND flash. It is possible to recharge the battery of 2600mAh via mini USB or extand the memory with its micro SD slot. Aigo explains that its new MiD can read MS Office files and PDF, and also serve as an ebook reader and MP4 player.

The Aigo NX7001 offers multifunction and entertaining internet device, which is not within the reach of all budgets because the price tag is about $500.

ChiniTech – Source bbs.egou

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