The Chinese manufacturer CASZH is known for its clone of Macbook Air, and he just put one foot in the wonderful world of Tablet PCs. Indeed he has presented a device running Android for an impressive price tag of $75! At this price you’ll get a cheap tablet iPad-design-like, that includes a platform from Via 8505 and a 400 MHz ARM9 processor. It has 128MB of DDR2 and 2GB of flash memory which is expandable via SD card. The resistive touch screen measures 7 inches for a resolution of 800×480. It has a camera, a G-Sensor, a WiFi connection and a USB plug. It runs on Android 1.7 and it weighs 388g. It will be available in June.

The journalist noted that the prototype has some bugs. And he pointed out that this VIA platform is too hot which can lead to something bad. Also the they could not play video with higher resolution than 320x240px! We hope that CASZH will quickly fix those problem before putting it on the market.

Prices are insanely droping down, I’m starting to wonder if their workers are Volunteers?

ChiniTech – Source shanzhaiben

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