On the occasion of the Computex 2010, Malata, a famous Chinese electronics manufacturer, has introduced four tablet PCs. Two tablet PC x86 running Windows 7 and 2 others with ARM processors running Android, one of the tablets running Android 2.1 has attracted particular attention of visitors, the Malata SMB-A-1011. In fact, it incorporates a chip Nvidia Tegra 2 clocked at 1GHz. In terms of specifications, this tablet PC has 512MB of RAM (1GB Max), SSD with a maximum capacity of 32GB, WiFi module, GPS, 3G, Bluetooth and the G-sensor. Of course the Malata supports Full HD and has even its HDMI output. In terms of connectivity, it has a USB port, mini USB, Micro SD, SIM, a jack … The Malata SMB-A-1011 measures 253x164x12, 5mm and weighs 550g.

The tablet is powerful enough and from the video, it is very fluid. I must confess that this tablet attracts me very much, especially as Malata is a well-known brand in China, for the quality of their products and their competitive prices.

With these tablet PCs at Computex,the iPad should worry as there are full of competitive Tablet PC like this interactive Malata.

ChiniTech – source Shanzhaiben

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