The Chinese manufacturer Onda has just given us a taste of their future tablet in preparation, and the jump in performance should be impressive.

Indeed according to data disclosed by Onda, future tablet will be equipped with Cortex A10 1.5 GHz processor capable of decoding HD video at 2160p which is twice the rsolution of full HD format which is equal to 3840×2160 pixels ! And also to be able to do multidisplay probably output on two 1080p screens.

And that’s not all because the all this power will not be at the expense of autonomy since the chip incorporates a software power management. The Onda Tablet Pc should able to remain 20 days on standby, or allow a range of 35 hours of audio playback, 8 hours of video playback, 6 hours of web browsing or playing your favorite games for 5 hours.

For Benchmark geeks fans here are the famous Quadrant score established at?4345pts for the CPU, 1465pts for the memory, 807pts for the 3D and 275pts for the 2D.

We hope that Onda does not just play propaganda like most Chinese manufacturers. And will really release this new chip on next device soon.

ChiniTech source zol

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