Chinese counterfeiters are starting to improve gradually their clone, in fact a manufacturer in Shenzhen will offer configurable OEM Tablet PC. For example, the high-end versions could get a new ARM Cortex A9 dual core processor with 1Ghz to 1.2 GHz clock speed.

The clone of iPad submitted in this article will be available in June. It will come in two sizes, with 16:9 capacitive touch screen, a 10-inch one with a iPad-like resolution of 1024 × 600 and a 7-inch one with a resolution of 800 × 480. The tablet will have 128 to 512 MB of DDR RAM, and 1GB to 16GB of NAND flash depending on your choice. The operating system installed will be Android 2.1, and the tablet can play full HD 1080p video. Do not expect a great battery life with its 2400mAh battery, since the manufacturer announced 4 hours in normal use. But it will be priced twice times lower than its main competitors (the real iPad), just count from 250 dollars.

Likewise, these fake iPad manufacturers will produce lowcost 7-inch tablet for African and the third worlds countries. However their configurations will not be as powerful as that one presented above. They will be equipped with a AK7801 ARM processor running at only 266MHz.

The Tablet PC will start to take more and more market share from netbook and MID. And it will surely get worse, Apple just announced that it has already sold its millionth iPad before the first month of marketing.

ChiniTech – Source shanzhaiben

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