The Chinese manufacturer Encore (Anku) presents one of the first Android 2.2 tablets in the market. It looks like a mini iPad clone?with its 4:3 aspect ratio 8 inches?touchscreen ?displaying a resolution of 800 × 600.
Inside there is a platform Freescale iMX515 with a?Cortex A8 processeur at 800Mhz. It has 512 MB of DDR2 and 4GB of NAND flash that can be expanded via SD card up to 32GB. Thus equipped, it can play 720p videos and flash game and?animation ?without problem. We find a webcam in front, but no USB connector.
It is reactive with 30 seconds to start, also under the Benchmark Advance Quadrant, it outperforms the galaxy S. Another strong point, it is nearly as thin as the iPad measuring 14mm against 13mm and weighs only 480g.
Moreover, it is much cheaper than competitors from the market, since the Archos 101 and Malata Zpad are 3 times more expensive, about 1399rmb or 150 euros.

ChiniTech – Source shanzhaiben

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