The Eros, is a home-made DIY tablet pc, since it is manufactured and marketed by a single person. Thanks to its relative success, 103 copies sold, the manufacturer has just introduced the second version of the Eros2.

The new tablet has an dual-core Intel SU2300 processor, much more powerful than the Atom processor that occur in most of Windows 7 tablet devices. It features 4GB of DDR and a 128GB SSD Hard drive.

The Eros2 mesures 272x179x18mm and weighs 930g. It has a Resistive multitouch screen measuring 11.6-inch and displays a resolution of 1366×768. Its 4600mAh battery provides a battery life of 3 hours. It has 3xUSB, LAN, VGA, HDMI, a SD card reader and microphone and headphone jack.

The Eros2 although it is a product Shanzhai, is not given, since it is sold at 455euros or 595$.

ChiniTech – Source shanzhaiben

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