GOME is the first chain of stores specializing in Chinese appliance and electronics to have proposed its own tablet PC to its customers. Called FlyTouch, this iPad-clone was disappointed by its mediocre performance, but its cheap price of 150$ has convinced lots of customers and met a great success.

GOME presents the second generation of the FlyTouch which has finally valid specification. The GOME FlyTouch 2 which runs on ANdroid 2.1 has an ARM11 processor at 800 MHz and 256MB of DDR2. Thus equipped, he is capable of playing full HD 1080p video with no jerkiness.

The FlyTouch2 is equipped with a resistive touch screen of 10 inches displaying a resolution of 1024×600 pixels. The Android pad has many connections, 2xUSB, 2x SD card slot! HDMI output an Ethernet RJ45, a microphone and headphone jack. It also features a webcam in the front and a GPS module.

It will soon be available in GOME stores at a price of 200 euros or 270$, which is almost twice as expensive as first version.

ChiniTech – Source shanzhaiben

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