Here is a new tablet PC from China that has a nice design and seems to not look like an iPad clone.Indeed the new Haina Android tablet has decent specifications which is based on a platform Telechips TCC8902.

It features a 800mhz processor with 3D hardware acceleration that is capable of playing 1080p video with HDMI output. It has 256MB of RAM and 4GB flash memory and runs on Android 2.1.

It features a galore of connections, there are 2 mini USB jack, an SD slot (32 GB max), a SIM card slot for 3G, WiFi, an headphone output and G-Sensor. It presents a design pleasing to the eye with a red outline clear contrast with his black dress. It packs a 10 inch touchscreen resistive which can be change for a capacitive one for 20 euros. It displays a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

Still in development, the Haina Haipad will be available in the coming weeks.

Chinitech – Source shanzhaiben

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