After copying the iPhone 4 in every sense, the Chinese counterfeiters headed to a new declination, the iPhone Pad 4. Indeed, why not turning the iPhone 4 into a tablet PC?

Here is a giant clone not running iOS but Android 2.1. It adopts a capacitive 7-inch multitouch screen 5 point displaying 800×600 pixels and weighs about 500g. You will find a platform Telechips TCC8902 to play 1080p files and it integrates a 3D chip. It has many connections with 2 mini USB, HDMI output, a miniSD slot, WiFi and 3G plug-in. Finally it features a webcam and its battery has a capacity of 3000mAh.

No price announced or availability date.

ChiniTech – Source gizchina via newpad

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