Japanese journalists have discovered a copy of the iPad in a shop in Shenzhen. This clone is called iPed, we only know that this tablet PC has 16GB of memory, 128MB of RAM and it runs Android. The packaging is similar to the original except that there is a letter which has changed, instead of “iPod” there is “iPed” (Clever!). From the video, we see that the iPed is a bit laggy but for 730 yuans (105 dollars), it is a small detail that does not really matter. This iPed will be very popular in China. I hope that the iPad will be marketed in China soon, otherwise the Chinese will begin to believe that the iPad is a copy of their Tablets!

Update: Here is all the specs of the Tablet PC iPed or Apad (via lostlawaimerci Cédric)


ChiniTech – source Internet-Chine

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