Creative, the famous Singaporean manufacturer of audio product is now a Tablet PCs manufacturer. Indeed it has just unveiled the Ziio 7 and Ziio 10, his two new Tablets featuring a 7 and 10 inches screen.

The clone has been unearthed in Shenzhen, strangely, it uses the same platform created by Creative nammed Ziilabs ZMS-O5. It features a Cortex A8 processor at 600Mhz which can decode 1080p video. The pad get 1GB of RAM and 8GB flash memory and a capacitive multitouch 7-inch screen displaying 800×480 px. There is still a small difference in the design which is much more sharp and also has an extra trackball. This clone also has a webcam and runs Android 2.1.

The manufacturer of this clone announces that it will be offered next year?with the platform Ziilabs ZM-08 which is much more powerful.

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