Meizu is one of the few Chinese manufacturers of electronic products that has an enthusiastic community in Europe. Indeed, its smartphone the Meizu M8 (similar to the iPhone) was a great success both in China and abroad. For his mBook the young Meizu CEO J. Wang, said in the forum of the brand, Meizu’s future Tablet PC mBook will not exceed 200 euros. He added that it will run Android, an open-source and successful OS. He also unveiled a few details. The screen size will be between 8.4 and 10 inches and has a resolution of 1024×768. Regarding the architecture, ARM has been chosen in order to minimize power consumption because it is one of the weaknesses of this type of product that are extremely slim. He also announced the successor of his best-seller M8, it will be known as M9mini and will be equipped with a 3.36 inches screen.

So are you interested in Meizu open source Tablet PC which is 2 to 3 times cheaper than the iPad which runs on a proprietary system that cannot even support flash, no multitasking, besides no USB port, SD, no HDMI and not even have a webcam? (long…!)

I have already made my choice, guess!

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